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Fairtrade has guidelines set in place to protect consumers and the environment, for instance; producers must not use genetically modified organisms, there is also a list of chemicals which they must not use on products.

Vast quantities of pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals are applied to banana crops, harming both consumers and farmers.

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The Fairtrade system seeks to ensure full physical traceability of certified products.

Commercial products go through various exchanges meaning that it is hard to trace their origin.


Fairtrade consults with farmers and traders to guarantee a fair minimum price which covers the cost of growing crops, protecting them from price fluctuation.

3/4 of workers in developing countries live on less than 6DKK a day with most depending on mass producing plantations.


Fairtrade's premium ensures that farmers can develop their business and communities healthcare and education.

Low income means that children are likely to be exposed to child labour, human trafficking and gang related activities.

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They are actually the same price.

For 2 DKK farmers get fair living conditions and a stable income.

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